Do I Really Need A Brand?

Welcome to the heart of the matter.  If you own a company and don’t have a BRAND, chances are you’re wasting valuable time and money.  If you’re thinking about starting a company and haven’t factored in the cost or the initiative to design a BRAND, you’re wasting valuable time and money.  It all boils down to familiarity, which some may say breeds contempt but I say, “If I’ve seen your Logo two or more times, chances are your BRAND is on the move!”  If there are still questions regarding a Brand, check this out: The Basics of Branding.

Branding is not just about promotional products…you must saturate the market with information regarding that brand, which brings us to the next element.

The PODLife Is An Acquired Life…

When did listening to someone talk about a plethora of subjects become mainstream?

Well, in the world of “SWAG”getting that

BRAND out and on the move, by any means necessary, is PARAMOUNT!

One of my old acquaintances told me that “talking” your business is the

best way to sell your business.  In today’s society, there are literally tons of programs and sites that you can access for

FREE and start talking your business right now.

Go ahead, click the link.  Investing your time and energy into

interviews or casual conversations all related to your business, is GIGANTIC!

Take a listen to one of Logo My Logo and the PromoQueen’s satisfied customers.

Listen Now

Now that you’ve had a taste of what Branding is all about and you’ve listened to a happy customer that incorporated their Brand in a successful Event, which will live on for years to come, the obvious next step is to show you via Slides how your Brand impacts or will impact mainstream AMERICA!

If You Recognize The Brand, Someone Did Their Job!

Pictures always tell a story and in the world of BRANDING, recognition is KING! I’ve compiled a SLIDESHOW of various Brands just to give you an idea of exactly what I mean by BRANDING.  I’m curious to know if you recognize all of them.

All pictures in the Slide presentation are courtesy of Google Images, Music courtesy of Prince

Back To The Heart of the Matter

Branding is the reminder that a company uses when they’re not at the forefront of a consumer’s mind.


Sell Your Brand:)